Who are we?

Hashtag Urbanism is a urban design and research studio that aims to create and curate all content that can be tagged with, yes, you guessed it, the #urbanism. Through our posts, we aim to highlight how one encounters design and architecture in simple ways in a city and its potential in transforming our perceptions of the place.

Based in Chennai, Hashtag Urbanism portrays the quirks and perks of city life in a way that is relatable not just to Architects, Urban Designers, Planners and Government Authorities, but also to the Common man. Watch out for new features every week! Contact us at hastagurbanism@gmail.com or tag us using #hashtagurbanism in your stories.

Updated Section Logos


Everyday Urbanism

Everyday UrbanismEveryday Urbanism features articles and stories by selected professionals from various fields of design, about the issues that plague cities and the immense potential of sensitive, contextual design in alleviating our urban experience.


DesignDesign by Hashtag Urbanism is an initiative to create an online, open source archive of thesis and research papers done of cities in India, free for all urbanists, designers, students or anyone who loves their city. Let’s create a database of Design, seasoned by our hard work, research and thought!

Hashtag Urbanism invites thesis/proposals for publication on our platform! Do mail your entries to hashtagurbanism@gmail.com

Map your City!

Map your cityMap your City! is an online, Open-source Archive of maps of Chennai done over the years by students and professionals of Architecture. This section contains numerous beautiful maps that tell a beautiful story, merging the fields of cartography, art and design. To contribute, send your maps to hashtagurbanism@gmail.com. 

Photo Series

PhotoseriesPhoto Series are curated photographic documentations of Indian Cities, with a specific theme every week. These explorations with a visual medium tell a unique story in the eye of the photographer, and also doubles as a important archive of our rich urban heritage.