The Shuttered-Busy Shop fronts

The “shuttered busy shop front” – doesn’t it seem ironic?

A local resident reading Newspaper in front of a closed Shop @Tiruvanmiyur

How can a shuttered shop be active? Early in the morning last week, when I went for a jog, I noticed these shuttered yet busy shop fronts, crowded with the people from adjoining tea shops, random residents spending time on the road from, the early morning school goers, the random chit chatters, etc,. The shop fronts with nothing but raised plinths and a few steps are actively used, even when the shops are closed. I look at these small elements in the streets as a tool that facilitates a healthy social life within the people of specific area, engaging and encouraging them to BE on streets, interact with each other and share the commons.

In the rapidly modernizing city, these threshold spaces are fast being enclosed by boundaries and walls, curtailing the relationship between the elements of streets and people. The increasing privatization of public space is a recurring theme on Hashtag Urbanism, and here’s a photo essay that captures the pressing need for the commons to stay common. 


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