When was the last time you played on the streets?

When was the last time you played on the streets in front of your home with your neighbours?  Many of us don’t have an answer – because we have never gotten a chance to do so. We say it’s because of the shifting culture and society where congregations, meetings, gatherings are happening in a virtual world. But the truth is that when there is an opportunity to engage themselves on the streets, people tend to come out of their houses.

Three months back, “Car Free Sunday” at Eliot’s Beach Road, was announced as an initiative by ITDP and Chennai City Connect Foundation to reclaim the streets and transform them into vibrant public spaces, supporting a more active and healthy lifestyle from 6.00 to 9.00 in the morning. People flood the streets, involving themselves in several interactive activities, street art, dumb charades, music and dance, in addition to fitness sessions and games like Zumba, Badminton and yoga. This also signals an awakening, a drive to promote streets as the primary public ‘place’ of every city. Here’s a Photo Series on the active street life of Elliot’s Beach on a Car-free Sunday Morning.


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