Map of the Week- Bridges in Chennai

Map showing Chennai’s Bridges over the Cooum River, Adayar River and the Buckingham Canal [Source: Triple O Studio, Chennai]
There are over 24 bridges over the Buckingham Canal, 13 over the Cooum River and about 6 over the Adayar within the Chennai Corporation Limits. These are more than just numbers- These bridges are the only places that the city connects with the rivers visually at the moment. While each of the bridges have their own history and story to tell, they could potentially be nodes that can revive the relationship between the city and its waterbodies. These nodes are more than just a LINK across the river- What if they transform into a PLACE to BE?

Every city needs to be explored, mapped and drawn! Hashtag Urbanism presents “Map your City”– an Open-source Archive of maps of Chennai done over the years by students and professionals of Architecture. To contribute, send your maps to Be a part of this movement! Let’s map our cities!

Map Source: Triple O Studio, Chennai. (Project team: Tahaer Zoyab, Anupriya Subbian, Anisha Murali, Sabarish BP)


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