Map of the Week- Perungudi Dumpyard

Perungudi, a densely populated suburb along the IT corridor of Chennai, houses one of the two major garbage landfills in the city. Perungudi gets around 3,000 tons of waste per day, from seven of fifteen zones in the city. When Perungudi was carelessly chosen as a dump site way back in 1987, the government gave scant regard to the ecologically sensitive marshland of Pallikarnai-a hot spot for biodiversity that was situated right next to it. Ever since, the marshland has shrunk in size and the sewage treatment facility that is located nearby only makes matters worse for the flora and fauna of Pallikarnai.[1] 


Map of the Perungudi Garbage Dumpyard and Pallikarnai Marshland

Transformation of Perungudi and Pallikarnai marsh over the past 15 years. Watch how the Marsh is slowly eaten away by Urban Development on its fringes.


1. Transparent Chennai: Solid Waste Management in the City

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