Contributing Authors

PreePreetika Balasubramanian, co-founder of Hashtag Urbanism, is an architect, urbanist, who thinks of a city as collective of human absurdity; a complex spatial reproduction of human value systems, behaviour patterns, and the stage where economic and political models play out. She is currently studying Masters in Urbanism at TU Delft, Netherlands.

siddarthSiddarth PT, co-founder of Hashtag Urbanism, is an Architect, Graphic Designer, Photographer and a distinguished Traveller seeking knowledge through experience.

SivaSiva Subramanian is currently studying Masters in Urban Development and Design in UNSW, Sydney. Being a passionate storyteller, he writes under the pseudonym of  “The Nomad Culture” exploring the transgressive, poetic nature of text both in Tamil and English, which is heavily influenced by Roland Barthes, George Bataille and Charu Nivedita. He is also currently collaborating with Hashtag Urbanism in a series of articles that puts forward storytelling medium to articulate urbanism.

abinayaAbinaya Kalyansundaram. Architect by day,full-time wonderor, wanderer, dreamer,photographer and cyclist. She is also the co-founder of Saddle Addicts – an active cycling community in the city. She weaves photos and words together in an attempt to enable both to find full meaning in each other.

krithikaKrithika Sriram has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and is an avid photographer and visual story teller. She loves reading, sketching and travels as much as she can.

priyankaPriyanka Sreekanth is an architect by profession, foodie by heart and a passionate music lover. She believes that art, in whatever form, has the power to transform lives.

balaBala Nagendran is an architect, an active observer, passionate in documenting and exploring the rationales of different contexts. He believes art and social values should be the critical generators of any design.

saratSarat Chandran is an Architect, designer and writer. He believes design, in its various forms and disciplines, is the key to solving the world’s problems. Pragmatic, science nerd and a history buff, he writes for ArchiBlab, an architecture student blog.

shwethaShwetha Muthu is an architect, thinker, poet, photographer. She loves to explore, experiment and combine various creative mediums of expression.