About Us

Hashtag Urbanism is an urban design and research studio that aims to create and curate all content that can be tagged with, yes,  you guessed it, the #urbanism. Through our posts, we aim to highlight how one encounters design and architecture in a city and its potential in transforming our perceptions of the place.

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Our Mission

In the race to match the cities of the Western World, “development” of urban infrastructure and economy in Indian cities is happening at an alarming rate. But, Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell, not a living, breathing city. Why are we busy churning out glass box structures that ignore our flourishing urbanism and tropical context? Why are our cities fast becoming harder to remember and easier to forget, shrouded in the obscurity of design?

Hashtag Urbanism portrays the quirks and perks of city life in a way that is relatable not just to Architects, Urban Designers, Planners and Government Authorities, but also to the Common man. Ultimately, through this movement, we hope to stir and awaken the embers of city pride that has become dormant through a history of bad design that repeatedly tries to retrofit first world ideas into a third world context. It’s time to reclaim our cities!

Join this movement by sending us ideas and stories on what makes your city unique! It could be anything from the colourful autos to the bumpy bus rides, cattle on the roads to the dogs that chase you at night, filmy posters to political billboards!

Mail us at hastagurbanism@gmail.com or tag us using #hashtagurbanism in your stories!


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